Woods For Foods: Building A Wooden Pantry From Scratch

The best way to deal with a storage challenge in a kitchen is by building a pantry. This is a cabinet that comes in handy to help you store beverages even in a small kitchen. It saves you on space and also makes sure that you have a neat and tidy kitchen. This is a room in the home that has a lot of things but it is the organization that will determine how you will achieve this objective. It is also important to know that you do not need a professional to build a pantry, this is a DIY project that anyone can handle. This is purely a woodwork project that you only need some pieces of wood and cut woods using a log splitter (check out here: https://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/gas-electric-log-splitter-reviews/.

This is purely a woodwork project which you need to also have a driller in which the exact speed at the moment of drilling depends on the strength of the wood- hardwood or softwood. There are many ways of building a wooden pantry from scratch. Just look at your backyard and just check on the bests way to turn woods into a pantry to get the best out of the simple things you throw in your compound. Here are some of the ideas you can use to build a neat pantry.

Use the wall

This is a way in which you can save space in your kitchen. Use the upper walls and just add wood carvings and join them together to make upper cabinets on the kitchen wall. This is a good way in which you accommodate more staff but declutter your kitchen. This is a way you can customize the kitchen cabinets using the simple woodwork tools available at home.

Use your bookshelf

Do you have a bookshelf that is lying with no purpose? This is also a good way to make a pantry. This is even simple since you only need to change the position. You can opt to mount it on a wall and have an upper pantry or just get some space and fix it, you only need to do this when you are sure of space.

Use corners

Do you know that corners have already two walls and it is just you to use your woodwork skills to get a corner pantry? A corner pantry is not only neat but it also portrays a sense of beauty to your kitchen. It occupies a small space but still gets to accommodate a lot of stuff depending on the height. What you need to know is that when you are looking to go up when it comes to pantry then make sure that it is in a height that does not create a health hazard like an accident. There is no need of making something that even yourself is not accessible to you. This is a disaster in waiting. Just look around your home and check on what you can use to make the best pantry at a minimum and affordable cost.

Should Pantries Have Humidifier?

The moisture content of foods directly determines its weight. When you have a high moisture content then definitely there is more air on the products hence increasing its weight. When you introduce a humidifier on a pantry, you have to take care of the humidity levels, otherwise, it may remove the available moisture content making the cells flaccid hence losing its weight and quality of the product. Stores are torn between stocking more fresh fruits and vegetables and just minimizing it. This is as a result of the perishability of the foods. However, the advantage of a humidifier is humidity regulation.

What you should strive is to take care of the relative humidity. This simply means that the state of equilibrium that exists between the vapor pressure and the absolute moisture content. The state of balance is ideal for a pantry. If not can affect the fruits and vegetables.  When you go to the fresh food stores this is what they use to maintain the quality of the food as well as keep them fresh despite the time they take on the shelves.

Pantries should have a humidifier, especially during winter due to the extremely low temperatures that winter the fruits.

What are the benefits of a humidifier for a pantry?

Do you wish to maintain your fresh food business? Are you struggling with old stock that does not attract the customers? The answer lies in the humidification. Just make sure you invest in a humidifier to maintain the nutritive value and the outward appearance.

Longer shelf life

You cannot estimate the movement of your goods. At the same time, you cannot risk under stocking it will have a negative image of your store- no stock. A humidifier will maintain the fresh food for long, in fact, a keen customer may not notice if the goods have been on the shelf for some time.

Maintains the nutritive value

The power of food lies in the nutritive value which is further determined by the storage. You have to make sure that they are stored at the right temperature and humidity. This may not be possible especially in the prevailing seasons like winter. A humidifier comes in handy to regulate the moisture content to keep them as if they are still on the farm.

Reduces moisture loss

When the moisture content is high, it is a breeding ground for bacteria which make food to rot. Besides, when the moisture content is also low then the cell lacks the right water content for quality. This is the gap that a humidifier fills. The maintenance of the right content to maintain the quality and quantity of the product on the shelves.

Provides the right temperature for cold stores

Why do people prefer t refrigerate food? It is to preserve and to keep them fresh for long. This is also the work of a humidifier. Refrigerators have an inbuilt humidifies as part of the cooking system. The advantage of this electric appliance is that it also creates the same atmosphere to the surrounding area within the pantry hence maintenance of the equilibrium when it comes to the moisture content.

Improves appearance

No one wants to purchase food products that have withered- it has lost its moisture content. A humidifier maintains the right moisture content that takes care of the quality and nutritive value. Apart from just looking at the dryness on the foods; at home, a very dry environment leads to an outbreak of flu and related illnesses. There is a guarantee of a good night sleep at home with a humidifier. Also, it keeps the environment moist for health reasons.

3 Reasons Why Good Food Tastes Better When Playing Ping Pong

Ping pong, otherwise known as table tennis, emerged in the 1800s and is still popular in modern times. The game allows people to bond with friends and family, get closer to co-workers, and to stimulate the brain. The hospitality industry has moved a niche higher in business to include ping pong games in their restaurants. Event management companies that host food festivals are including game tables in these events.

Apart from the delicious food at these restaurants, ping pong game tables make customers stay longer or turn to return customers at the restaurant. There is evidence that ping pong game tables and other sporting activities provide an upper hand of the market share.

Below are reasons why good food tastes better when playing ping pong

1. lt Enables People To Develop Social Relationships

Apart from eating, people are social beings, and game tables are a way of offering a platform for socialization. A ping pong table could be the ice breaker, and after a couple of games, people tend to get closer to one another emotionally. The emotional bond created through such activities make customers stay longer at the restaurant, and the possibility of more food sales gets higher.

The type of bonding that results from playing ping pong at a restaurant with co-workers allows team building. Game tables have a way of putting people in a position where they have to work as a team to solve an issue. This means that the restaurant could turn into a hangout zone for co-workers when they leave their daily workplaces.

2. It Boosts the Brain

After having a delicious meal at the restaurant or a food festival, a game table is a great way to develop a clear and focused mind. Game tables are personal challenges that require one to outsmart their opponent and to focus on the ball. The physical reflex one makes during the game are fun and stimulating and allows people to free up their minds.

The kind of brain stimulation that results from ping pong creates a type of addiction to food customers in a restaurant. People are most likely to enjoy restaurants where they can interact with friends, family, co-workers, or their partners. Adding ping pong to delicious food can capture the attention of many customers who can then refer to others.

3. Ping Pong Teaches How to Win and Lose

Ping pong tables come in various types, and this allows the game to be played both indoors and outdoors in instances of events such as food festivals. One reason that customers would love to eat, and play ping pong is that it is a challenge that teaches one to win and to lose. In instances of a loss, the player develops an urge to do better and improve their strategies. Game tables have a way of keeping customers busy trying to figure out how they can improve their game.

In conclusion, sporting activities such as ping pong have the potential to add flavor to the food business. Game tables provide a platform to socialize, build connections, and engage customers while they enjoy their favorite meal or drink. Whether in a restaurant or food festival, people would be addicted to both the food and the ping pong game.

Why Farmers Should Have Water Heater In Farm

Farmers need a water heater pot so farmers can take a warm bath during cold seasons, and that is just the beginning of the package. We will talk a little about what a water heater can do on your farm so you can truly understand the benefits of these units down the road.

From longevity to installation, we have you covered. We will give you the information you want to take your water heater to a new level in your farm down the road, and that will be awesome for you right away too. Therefore, you should read on so you can know more about this.

Longevity and Savings
The longevity of a water heater will allow you to get what you want. Getting instant hot water is easy for any farmer out there, and that is just part of the fun. These machines are compact, efficient, and very well insulated. This will allow you to get what you want.

Having an outdoor shower is easy and you can get it all day long. This is the great companion that you need on any farm out there too. Saving energy is easy with a water heater, and you will love this down the road too.

Easy to Install
A water heater is very easy to install in any farm out there, and that is just part of the fun. You can plug in anywhere so you can receive tons of benefits down the line too. Remember also that these units are very easy to install, and you will manage to do it in no time too.

The performance of these units is just awesome, and you will love what you will get down the line too. Getting an endless supply of water is easy with a water heater in your farm, and that is just part of the package these days too. Remember this and have fun out there.

Easy to Hook Up
A water heater is truly easy to hook up, and you will manage to do it in no time down the line too. You will be doing what you have to do from shaving to washing your hands, and that is just part of the fun today.

Getting hot water into your hands is easy than ever with a water heater in your farm, and you will love what you will see down the line too. Getting a high performance from these items is easy because they have been created with this end in mind.

A water heater can take your farm to the next level down the road because you will truly make your life easier with this unit. Yes, a water heater will give you the savings you need so you can truly get what you want.

Remember also that a water heater is truly easy to install, and you will be doing it in no time down the line. You just have to hook up the unit so you can have more fun down the road, and that is just part of the fun.



with cranberries and chipotle
A catsup to pair with succulent foods, we add a bright zing of Wisconsin grown cranberries to the Ohio-grown tomatoes in this recipe, and balance the fruitiness with a hint of chipotle. The fruity acidity of the cranberries paired especially well with pork, fries or roasted squash. Net weight: 12 fl oz



with rosemary and Juniper berries
Accentuated with rosemary & juniper berries, this catsup’s complex flavor profile pairs perfectly with burgers, game or mushrooms. The herbal notes of the rosemary are balanced by the juniper’s heartiness. Net weight: 12 fl oz



Sweetened with the aromatic notes of fennel seeds, this catsup pairs beautifully with chicken and vegetables. The subtle flavor of the caraway add complexity. Net weight: 12 fl oz

A Fall Celebration: Apple & Parsnip Soup

I remember the first time I tasted fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil the day I arrived at the Tuscan vineyard that was going to be my home for five years. I was blown away. I even coughed a little bit, as its pungency caught me by surprise. This was nothing I had ever tasted before. Immediately, I was won over. Here and there, I fell in love with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its contribution not only to our health, but how it can add flavor to the dishes. A drizzle of good quality, robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil on soups, stews, grilled meats or fish is now a must in my kitchen. Back at Cosimo’s vineyard, we ended up bottling three different Extra Virgin Olive Oils from our 1,000 trees (as approximation: 1 tree = 1 liter of EVOO). It was a lot of work for only a few bottles, but the character of the oil really changed dramatically from one part of the land to the other. The Premium Blend became the finishing oil, starting a little more on the delicate side and then developing to a whirlwind of taste expressions on the palate. The Blend is a great robust oil that is perfect for dipping, to toss pasta, to roast pumpkin, to make a vinaigrette.

So with my passion for all things Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can imagine how excited I was when the City Olive in Chicago – a great source for Extra Virgin Olive Oils from all over the world – hosted a book presentation by Fran Gage. Fran is one of America’s leading experts on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and has published this very lovely book on American EVOO (well, Californian really) producers, including 75 recipes differentiated by style of EVOO. A great read and a great source of inspiration, too!

So here is a recipe from Fran’s book “The New American Olive Oil”, perfect for these fall days and Cosimo’s Premium Blend

Roberta & Giulio

Proud farmers, Roberta and her husband Giulio dedicate their energy to their little farm, Antico Colle Fiorito. On these 14 hectares they and their children are mastering a fully integrated production of hearty vegetables, aromatic herbs, extra virgin olive oil and sun-ripened fruits. Positively obsessed with making the world a healthier place and educating their customers, whom they call friends, on sustainable agriculture, they only use estate-grown ingredients for their products – capturing Tuscany’s sunny fields in their vegetable spreads and herbs.

Antico Colle Fiorito is certified organic in Italy. The Scrumptious Pantry brings you the delights of four all-estate grown products: Sun-dried Tomato Spread, Eggplant Spread, Coarse Roasting & Grilling Salt, Fine Roasting & Grilling (All-purpose Herbed) Salt.

Eat It To Save It – Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration 2013

Only three more weeks before the Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration, which we are organizing in collaboration with Slow Food Chicago and Slow Food WiSE! Expect an extravaganza of menu specials, cooking classes and community potlucks in Milwaukee and Chicago!


We are honored that the following great Chicago chefs are showcasing the Beaver Dam Pepper in a menu special from September 19 – 22 . From a Beaver Dam Pepper infused drink, to a cauliflower dish w. pickled peppers and a chocolate truffle with the Beaver Dam Pepper & Michigan cherries, you will be able to enjoy this rare local heirloom in many delicious variations!

PLUS: Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration FAN CARD: if you Eat It To Save It at five of these participating restaurants from 09/19-22, you will receive a FREE jar of Scrumptious Pantry’s Heirloom Pickle Beaver Dam Pepper!

The following Chicago-area restaurants will offer menu specials:

Big Jones w. Heirloom tomato salad, Anson Mills Farro Verde, Prairie Fruits Chèvre, Pickled Beaver Dam Peppers

Billy Sunday w. Atlantic Crab fondue with pickled Beaver Dam Peppers and herbed flatbread

Green Zebra w. Beaver Dam Pepper Hash with salt roasted Red Thumb fingerlings, fried egg, and an apple shallot jam

Katherine Anne Confections w. Beaver Dam Pepper truffle with Michigan Cherries, FEW bourbon, local wildflower honey, and bittersweet chocolate

Marion Street Cheese Market w. Beaver Dam pepper relleno, goat milk ricotta, sweet corn grits and pepper consommé

Uncommon Ground Devon w. Grilled cheese sandwich w. Beaver Dam Pepper jam

Uncommon Ground Clark w. Beaver Dam Pepper stuffed with a local wild mushroom risotto and a garlic parmesan sauce

Standard Market w. Beaver Dam Pepper Slaw: a crisp symphony of peppers, cucumbers, carrots, snap peas, and Scrumptious Pantry Beaver Dam Peppers, marinated in a sweet and tangy mustard vinaigrette.

Heirloom Flavors Potluck, September 22

If you are inspired to play with the pepper in your own kitchen, you can purchase fresh peppers at Green City Market and Logan Square Farmers’ Market at the booths of Radical Root Organic Farm, Majestics Nursery and Montalbano Farms, as well as at the Dill Pickle Food Coop in Logan Square. Scrumptious Pantry’s pickled Beaver Dam Pepper is available at all Whole Foods Stores and other selected retailers around Chicago.

We’d love to taste your Beaver Dam Pepper creation at the Community Potluck on September 22 – if you do not have a chance to bring a Beaver Dam Peppers dish, fear not! The theme is “Heirloom Flavors”, so every dish that either incorporates any heirloom variety or showcases a family recipe, is more than welcome. The event is BYOB. In the spirit of environmental sustainability, please bring a plate and silverware! Glasses are provided.


Scrumptious Pantry, 3230 W. Fullerton Ave (Logan Square)

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes with the Beaver Dam Pepper are being organized in various Whole Foods Locations in Chicago. Please check The Scrumptious Pantry’s Facebook page and this page for updates.


Tour de Menu, September 21 (& Milwaukee Cocktail Week, September 22)

The following Milwaukee-area restaurants will be offering menu specials

Bavette La Boucherie w. Pickled mustard seed, sauerkraut and oktoberfest beer brat with a pickled beaver dam pepper relish

Glorioso’s Italian Market w. Orrechiette pasta with the BDP, brunelli sausage, arugula and caramelized onions with a light tomato broth


Juniper 61
La Merenda

Great Lakes Distillery will craft a Beaver Dam Pepper Cocktail for Milwaukee Cocktail week’s launch event on 09/22
Cooking demo
For the curious home cooks, Slow Food WiSE will be showcasing the Beaver Dam Pepper in cooking demos
September 7th: South Shore Market
September 14: Fondy Market with Chef Darrin from Juniper 61/Cafe Lulu
September 21: Glorioso’s Italian Market (this is a 90 min cooking class, tickets are available through Glorioso’s!)
Community Potluck
On September 11, we are partnering with Friends of Real Food for a Community Potluck that will highlight the pepper not only in the dishes, but in a cooking demo, to boot.


These beautiful Beaver Dam Peppers are growing strong in Marye’s garden. Are you growing the Beaver Dam Pepper, too? You should join the Beaver Dam Pepper Championship! All you need to do to participate is to tweet or post pictures of your plants & peppers growing on Scrumptious Pantry’s or Slow Food Chicago’s Facebook or twitter using the hashtags #BeaverDamPepper #Pepperazzi. If you grows the largest Beaver Dam Pepper you will win a Scrumptious Pantry gift basket valued at $100, and the title of “Beaver Dam Pepper Champion”. The Beaver Dam Pepper Champion will be announced at the Chicago Community Potluck on September 22.

Recipe: Brine Your Turkey For a Juicy Bird

Ever wondered what the secret to a deliciously juicy turkey is, no matter the long roasting time? The secret is to brine it! The brine has two effects on the meat of this flavorful bird: the salt breaks down the proteins and it infuses liquid into the meat. You can go with a simple salt brine, or use the occasion to infuse your turkey with some seasoning, too. There are many fancy recipes: you can blend cranberry juice with your brine, or wine, add citrus… see http://allrecipes.com//HowTo/brining-turkey/Detail.aspx for some ideas. We suggest an easy & tasty brining solution that takes no time to prepare. We are using Roberta’s & Giulio’s Coarse Roasting & Grilling Salt – it contains juniper berries, rose peppercorns, rosemary, sage, bay leaf, thyme and tarragon, which is a great flavor profile for your Thanksgiving Turkey. Thanks to the love Roberta & Giulio poured into this salt, it is extremely flavorful: their estate grown organic herbs were minced by hand while still fresh, so the essential oils are sealed into the salt.

You can brine a 14lb. turkey from eight – 16 hours, but note that the saltiness of the meat increases with the brining time. So if this is the first Turkey you are brining, we recommend you choose a shorter brining time, no one wants a too salty turkey at Thanksgiving! And take the saltiness of the meat and the drippings into consideration when seasoning the bird and the sauce!

Having a recipe that works for first time briners was our main intention. If you are an experienced turkey briner and want to use more salt and a different brining time, consider that a jar of the Coarse Salt equals approx. 3/4 cups of sea salt.