Do You Remember the Stories?

The stories Grandpa told you, way back when you were just big enough to sit on his lap? Or Grandma, in a whispering voice, carrying you away to those enchanted times when she was young …

These are the stories our food tells you. Stories of people, of culinary heritage, of precious seeds. Our food takes you back to a time when every village would grow its own variety of apples or tomatoes, and flavors abounded.

It’s our mission to revive this abundance of authentic flavors – in your kitchen and on your table. At Scrumptious Pantry, our passion are the old heirloom varieties with their amazing flavors, fragrant aromas, gorgeous colors and unique shapes. We protect them, and make them shine in pure recipes. One bite, and you’ll enter a magical world.

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 1.38.53 PMThe Story of Our Food

You want to know where your food comes from? We can tell you. We partner with family farms (some of which are pictured on the left) that follow time-honored, sustainable practices. Together, we are steadily increasing the amount of heirloom varietals we grow, relearning the art of our forefathers to cultivate these culinary treasures.

In the kitchen, we are fiercely protective of the varietals’ distinct personalities. Inspired by heirloom recipes, we carefully transform them into marvels of delicacy. Think packaged foods are all alike? Think again. Better yet, try. Our delicious, farm-fresh vegetables guarantee a firework of flavor. And it goes without saying that we use organic ingredients where possible and are strong supporters of the Non-GMO movement. We are champions of biodiversity.

lee abesThe Story of Scrumptious Pantry

Scrumptious Pantry grew out of Lee Greene’s passion for stories: the stories of bygone eras, evoked by traditional recipes and heirloom crops. Hooked on these stories after studying in Italy, she joined the management team of a small biodynamic winery in Tuscany. Deeply involved in the challenges small quality farmers and winemakers were facing, she developed the idea of a food brand, that would highlight historic varietals, growing regions, and the taste of a sense of place. And so, Scrumptious Pantry was born.

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