Johnny Appleseed would love our new relishes!

Our American line keeps growing – we’ve just released two Heirloom Relishes showcasing heirloom tomatoes, an heirloom beet and an heirloom apple! We’re super excited about these, especially the Heirloom Relish Burpee Golden Beet & Wealthy Apple. Not only does it taste absolutely awesome (our favorite is to serve it on Smoking Goose Smoked Elk Terrine), but we are so happy to be able to finally showcase an heirloom apple. 200 years ago, there were 7,000 apple varieties grown in the US, and today we are down to less than a hundred – most of which are barely surviving in some specialty orchard, but are not commercialized on a significant scale.

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BLOG – We love the Slow Food Ark of Taste!

Slow Food has always been very important to us here at Scrumptious Pantry. I have been a Slow Food member for over 15 years, and the education I received from Slow Food about clean, good & fair food was one of the things that inspired me to start Scrumptious Pantry.

When we embarked on our mission to showcase more American heirloom products, the Slow Food Ark of Taste was our favorite read, and it still is. On it, Slow Food has compiled a list of varieties and food products that have cultural value and are at the brink of extinction. With listings from all of the Slow Food member states internationally, it is a fascinating read.

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A very berry holiday dessert: Lingonberry trifle

For our Heirloom Fruit Curd Lingonberry, we use wild foraged berries from Alaska and Washington state. They burst with a vibrant, bright berry flavor, just the right balance between tart and sweet. We showcase this amazing flavor in our curds and you can, too. In an elegant holiday dessert that is not only delicious, but easy to prepare: a trifle.

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Great American Heirloom Roadtrip

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The Great American Heirloom Roadtrip – we want your seeds!

This month, our new Heirloom Fruit Curds showcasing rare wild foraged heirloom fruits (lingonberry, huckleberry, paw paw) and our Heirloom Cranberry Sauce are being launched nationwide with Whole Foods Market. A great opportunity to hit the road, meet like minded eaters, farmers, seed savers… and more than anything else bring home some unusual heirloom seeds, which might be grown locally by dedicated farmers or a family safeguarding the heritage of their ancestors. We want your seeds!

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Eat it to save it – Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration 2013

Six more weeks before the Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration, which we are organizing in collaboration with Slow Food Chicago and Slow Food WiSE! Expect an extravaganza of menu specials, cooking classes and community potlucks in Milwaukee and Chicago. #EatItToSaveIt

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Meet the team – Seul Ki

Hello, I am Seulki Go. I am working as a marketing intern at the Scrumptious Pantry through an exchange program sponsored by the Korean government. I am 22 years old and a senior in Ewha Woman’s University in Korea. I came here to the USA for one year to learn about American culture, especially American […]

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Cooking with pickles part 2 – Beaver Dam Pepper tater skins

Our pickled Beaver Dam Pepper is super versatile for many tasty appetizers and snacks – in a bloody mary, with polenta cakes for an elegant finger food or mixed with gooey cheddar cheese and Italian sausage on a potato skin!

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Grow it to save it – Who will be the Beaver Dam Pepper Champion 2013?

The time has come for you to join us in the Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration this year, and if you’re wondering how you can participate then you came to the right place. Join our Beaver Dam Pepper Championship! Who will grow the largest Beaver Dam Pepper this year and become the Beaver Dam Pepper Champion 2013?

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Kick Off! Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration 2013

With the Beaver Dam Celebration just around the corner we invite our local community to get involved in growing the pepper in their own organic gardens to celebrate biodiversity. Do you have your Beaver Dam Pepper seeds yet?

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