with cranberries and chipotle
A catsup to pair with succulent foods, we add a bright zing of Wisconsin grown cranberries to the Ohio-grown tomatoes in this recipe, and balance the fruitiness with a hint of chipotle. The fruity acidity of the cranberries paired especially well with pork, fries or roasted squash. Net weight: 12 fl oz



with rosemary and Juniper berries
Accentuated with rosemary & juniper berries, this catsup’s complex flavor profile pairs perfectly with burgers, game or mushrooms. The herbal notes of the rosemary are balanced by the juniper’s heartiness. Net weight: 12 fl oz



Sweetened with the aromatic notes of fennel seeds, this catsup pairs beautifully with chicken and vegetables. The subtle flavor of the caraway add complexity. Net weight: 12 fl oz

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