Heirloom 2.0 Intro Classes – updated event calendar

At the Scrumptious Pantry we believe in heirloom food values. We believe in the family farmer and bringing our customers great-tasting food. Food that inspires you in the kitchen and invites you to have a delicious meal with friends. We believe in passing recipes and skills down through generations, through family and friends. And that’s exactly why we’re introducing Heirloom 2.0, a new type of class series. The goal of Heirloom 2.0 is to help teach those heirloom skills to people who may not have gotten the chance to learn them from grandma, so you can proudly announce to the world: “Yes, I heirloom!”
Our monthly classes center around traditional food concepts. After the success of our urban foraging, seed saving and canning intros, we are excited to have some great co-hosts again, sharing their unmatched expertise.


Our bestselling Heirloom 2.0 class! It will be taught by Lee, the owner of The Scrumptious Pantry, and will discuss what to look for in produce, the basic steps in the canning/pickling process, how to ensure food safety, plus some of Lee's favorite heirloom recipes.

This intro is not a hands-on canning class, but a lecture with a step-by-step demonstration.

We will be touching on all the basics of canning, but we will be focusing a little more about pickling and demo that process, because the acidified foods are the more difficult ones - and the ones that post the highest risk if you do not do it right.

- choosing equipment (jars, hot water bath vs. pressure canner)
- to processes of jams, sauces, pickles
- how to choose your produce
- nutritional benefits of canned product - and what do you do with it once you have it stored in your pantry
- ingredient choices (which vinegars when your pickling for example - there will be snack and recipes, too!)
- good resources (books, online)

Cost is 25$, light snacks and handout included. Location The Scrumptious Pantry, 3230 W. Fullerton Ave., in the heart of Logan Square.

Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time: 6.30pm -8.30opm

You can sign up for all those classes right here on dabble! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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