CranBrie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Thursday, 13 November, 2014 By Lee Greene
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From our “Thanksgiving Leftover Brunch” recipe collection

Nothing is more decadent than a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s the gourmet meal everyone can prepare in any home. All you need is a stove and a pan.

And it is a great way to use up all that delicious artisan bread you have got leftover from the Thanksgiving dinner and that is about to go stale. With a well nuanced cranberry sauce and some gooey artisan brie you can breathe a new – and tasty – life into it!


You have:

Ÿ > leftover bread (can be crusty country, baguette, boule or a plain toast)

Ÿ > cranberry sauce – depending on complexity, you might want to add some ginger, cinnamon or citrus. (or just use Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Preserve Ben Lear Cranberry)


You need:

Ÿ > double cream brie cheese

Ÿ> salted butter

Ÿ(1) In a heavy frying pan, melt some butter over medium heat. Layer cheese & a generous helping of cranberry in your sandwich.

(2) Add to pan, lower heat and cover with a plate that is smaller than the pan, so you can use the plate to press the bread down. After 2 min add some more butter to the pan and flip the sandwich, again pressing it down with the help of a plate.

(3) Repeat until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown.

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