Heirloom Club delights with Balsamic Dressing Sauce

And they are off....  the first December shipments of our Heirloom Club are on their way to our subscribers! What's our heirloom club you ask? It’s a subscription of our delicious heirloom foods, one item shipped to your door every month filled. You will also receive recipes on how to cook with it and the story behind each one. Subscriptions are available for 3 months or 6 months. Our heirloom club is the perfect gift that keeps on giving though out the year, not just December.

How do we choose what to send? Well it depends on what month it is! During the spring and summer, we would send pickles, salts, ketchups, etc. For fall and winter you might receive our pastas, spreads etc. It is never gonna get boring!

And the product of the month is…. Our Balsamic Dressing Sauce!

Here are some tasty ideas for hor d’oeurves with our Balsamic Dressing Sauce that will be great holiday party pleasers -

Brie and Balsamic: Place a slice of your favorite brie on a mini toast and drizzle with our Balsamic Dressing Sauce. Simple and easy!

Side Salad: Mix together your favorite mixed greens along with candied walnuts, blue cheese, dried cranberries, and drizzle with Balsamic Dressing Sauce.

Skewers: Marinate your favorite cut of steak, chicken, or pork with our Balsamic Dressing Sauce. Cook however you desire and serve. Present it by cutting in thin slices and layer nicely.

Marinated Veggie Panini: Cut veggies into long strips and marinate for 3 hours with our Balsamic Dressing Sauce. Bake, broil, or grill the veggies till done. Put veggies on focaccia bread and drizzle with the Scrumptious Pantry Extra Virgin Olive Oil and place in a hot griddle pan or panini press. Cut and serve

In addition to being a gift that guarantees many tasty moments, your support as a club member has big impact on our farms, too. We can commit to buying larger amounts of produce, if we know that we have your support. So we can work more closely with our farms to custom grow better ingredients.


Month 1: Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend
Month 2: Farro Pasta & Durum Wheat Pasta
Month 3: Heirloom Pickles Beaver Dam Peppers

You can become an Heirloom Club Member by subscribing to one installment (3 months, $69) or two installments (6 months, $129).


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