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Tuesday, 9 June, 2015 By Lee Greene
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I first met Pat Ford from Beehive Cheese at a trade show three or four years back. Being a cheese fan, I immediately fell in love with the two cheeses he was showing – rich cow milk cheeses, with infused by unique flavors from the rubbed rind. He had an espresso & lavender rubbed cheese – hello, heaven! Over the years – and many shared events – I got to taste more of Pat’s amazing cheeses and learned more about their cheese making operations: Focused on crafting high quality cheeses from the best milk. Cheeses that capture the essence of the mineral rich marshes from the Great Salt Lakes and speak of traditional techniques that respect the essence of the ingredients.

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Pat (left) and his brother-in-law Tim (right) started Beehive Cheese in 2005, following their passion for the craft of cheese making.

They make their cheeses in 500 gallon batches, exclusively using milk from Wade’s Dairy, a family dairy only 10 miles from Beehive’s creamery. The milk is from a herd of Jersey and Holstein cows, breeds that are known for the high butterfat content in their milk.


It is this high quality milk that gives Beehive’s semi-hard cheeses a buttery, rich texture. During the aging process, the cheeses saturate with the flavors of the unique rubs that they were slathered in. Beehive’s cheeses stand out from the crowd: the Barely Buzzed I already mentioned is rubbed with a mix of lavender and espresso. Another favorite of mine is the Teahive, rubbed with bergamot. The quintessence of a summer evening on the patio is a crusty baguette, a piece of Teahive, some of our Lemon Cucumber Pickles and a nice beer. Dinner done!


We’re excited to be partnering with Beehive Cheese this month on a couple of cheese & pickle centric recipes, like this veggie burger with a Beaver Dam Pepper Whiskey Cheese Sauce. And if you’re wondering how to pair cheeses and pickles or other accompaniments and how to build a cheese plate, check this series on the perfect cheese & charcuterie board!

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