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Tuesday, 17 June, 2014 By Hanbit
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We have all heard of the delicious flavor of heirloom tomatoes but we rarely think about our forgotten heritage when it comes to protein. The Goal of Scrumptious Pantry is to bring back heirloom seeds and flavors that were once cherished by the American generations that came before us. Our friends at Cook’s Bison Ranch have the same goal in mind. They are trying to preserve the flavor of the native American Bison. European trade and the US government once nearly brought the American Bison, the Native Americans’ most prized resource, to extinction. You can read more about the story of the American Bison here.

After traveling to Wyoming with his family for many years a young boy from Wolcottville, Indiana, Peter Cook became fascinated with the bison and began to dream of one day being able to raise bison of his own. Peter Cook visited Yellow Stone Park, visited buffalo museums and even became a member of the National Bison Association in order to continue to learn about and understand the fascinating Native American animal. Eventually his fascination with bison grew incredibly strong and in 1998 the first 30 bison came to Wolcottville, Indiana, to be raised on the farmland purchased by Peter’s grandfather in 1939. With that Cook’s Bison Ranch was born.

Cook’s Bison Ranch is committed to preserving the forgotten flavor of the American Bison. Their bison are not given any hormones or stimulants and they are fed grain and hay directly from Cook’s own farm and ranch. Cook’s Bison Ranch is also committed to providing their customers with accurate information about the bison meat that they are buying. Curious? You can purchase some of Cook’s delicious Bison Meat directly from their website. They ship anywhere in the US! And make sure to enter our give-away on facebook by 06/29/2014 8pm CST to win a gift voucher for their online store.

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At Scrumptious Pantry we preserve the exciting flavors of rare heirloom fruit and vegetables and precious heirloom seeds. Delicious varieties put up in gourmet condiments and artisan preserves for you to enjoy at home! Because Heirloom is much bigger than just Heirloom tomatoes.

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