For Retailers

(If you are looking for POS MATERIAL, pls. check downloads below)

Thank you for your interest in The Scrumptious Pantry. We are happy that you are considering listing our Food the way it’s supposed to taste in your store. The US is in a huge crisis over nutrition and eating habits. We applaud quality-focused Retailers like you, who are on the forefront of our Food Revolution every day, guiding the consumer to make educated food choices. We are very excited to be working with Retailers all over the US in bringing The Scrumptious Pantry to the consumer.

We offer our partners a lot of support: from sample programs to shelftalkers, newsletters, recipes and other PoS materials, which are designed to educate the consumer about our mission, our production methods and easy recipes.

You can download our complete Product Presentation here.

Please contact us with your inquiry. We are happy to serve you!


Download area for POS and training material: Product Cheat Sheets
Product Shelftalkers (each set consists of a two descriptive shelf talkers in a short and a long text version, as well as the seal of ingredient origin)


 Heirloom Catsups          Heirloom Pickles         Heirloom Salts


                 Pastas                 Sauces and Spreads       EVOO and Balsamic


Image Shelftalkers & PoS Posters

  • Shelftalkers:  Do you heirloom? & Small Farms. Big Taste!


  • PoS Poster Scrumptious Pantry Do you Heirloom Uncle Sam & Lady


Recipe Cards

  • Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Catsup


  • Scrumptious Pantry  Beaver Dam Pepper


  • Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Savory Salt & Beaver Dam Pepper


  • Scrumptious Pantry Beaver Dam Pepper & Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Scrumptious Pantry Red Beets & Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Scrumptious Pantry Lemon Cucumber & Extra Virgin Olive Oil (& Durum wheat pasta)


If you are considering an end-cap or a Scrumptious Pantry display, we have the header pictured above available for you. 

Please contact us should you need additional material.