Gye Ran Ma Ri (Korean Egg Roll) – A taste of home this Mother’s Day

Sunday, 10 May, 2015 By Lee Greene
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My name is Jaesun and I am working with Alice and Lee here at Scrumptious Pantry for six month for a marketing internship. My home is in Korea, and when Lee asked me to share my favorite food memory with her this Mother’s Day, I immediately thought of this dish: Gye Ran Ma Ri (Korean Egg Roll). It always reminds me of home and my mom.

For me, this food was just a side dish like any other before I left to the US as an exchange student in 2013. My mom is not a passionate cook, but she wanted to cook one special dinner for me before leaving Korea and she asked me what I want to eat. I don’t know why I suddenly thought of this dish – Korean egg roll – but I asked my mum for it and now this is my favorite and special food reminding of my home and family. When I feel lonely and miss my family and Korea, I try to cook this. But it is never the same Gye Ran Ma Ri my mom made. I don’t know why I do not seem to be able to cook this to taste the same, even though it is just easy omelet. If you wonder how to make an Korean omelette or how to make a Korean egg roll: the recipe is below, for you to try! It’s our family recipe.

Jaesun and her mum

Is this picture of my mother and myself not the most adorable? It’s one of my favorite photos. I know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are separate celebrations in the US, but on Korea, we don’t have a specific day only for your mother or your father. We have Parents’ Day (May 8th). That is when  we express thanks and love to our parents, traditionally we give them carnations or other small gifts.

What is your favorite food memory when you think of your mother?


Gye Ean Ma Ri (Korean Egg Roll) (prounounced as geh-raan-maari)

Some people might remember something similar from a Japanese restaurant menu. Usually Japanese egg rolls are sweet, but ours are not. We eat this as a side dish with rice.



4 eggs

1 carrot, finely diced

green onion, finely sliced

1/2 onion, finely diced (you want the same amount of carrots and onions)

1 tsp salt

cooking oil



(1) Beat the eggs and mix in the veggies (2) Salt to taste (3) Heat a frying pan and line with cooking oil (4) Turn down heat, pour mixture in pan and wait for the egg to cook. You do not want it to cook to fast, that would change the texture of the egg (5) Once the egg is set, but still glistening on top, turn off heat and  fold the omelette over two times with a spatula. (6) Let it cool slightly before cutting into bite size pieces.

Tip: you can put any choice of veggies you want and make your own Gye Ean Ma Ri!

This is also a really good video with cooking instructions by the Hungry Gopher, a great You Tube channel for Korean recipes! She extends her omelette several times in the pan, so its more layers of thinner omelette. Pretty cool!

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