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A Day In The Life of…
“Most heirloom varieties are at risk of extinction, because they are not used in commercial agriculture anymore. So we need to identify varieties we think could make a fun product, find farmers to grow them for us, then develop recipes that really make the varietals shine – and then there is the sales & marketing part…”06/12/2014 (Read more!)


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Lingonberry Mini-Cheesecakes.
“First there was Lemon Curd, then lime and orange curds. Now, you can get Lingonberry Curd…”
2014 (Read more!)


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Grazing at Tuckahoe.
“The Scrumptious Pantry’s paw paw curd was absolutely mouth-smacking…”
05/20/2014 (Read more!)


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Ancient Foods : 7 Products with Heirloom Ingredients.
“This producer’s entire product line revolves around the philosophy of protecting and promoting heirloom ingredients, and uses them in inventive ways, such as tomatoes, beets, and apples in its relish line. The latest creation is a combined effort between Scrumptious Pantry and artisanal hot sauce maker Co-op Sauce…”
04/03/2014 (Read more!)


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Scrumptious Pantry’s Heirloom Food Products.
“These curds are splendid for tea or breakfast or for Easter brunch. You can get the products nationwide through Whole Foods Market, or through their website,…”03/23/2014 (Read more!)


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The Tasting Panel’s Marketplace The Best of the Rest.
“We propose a taste of summer’s sweet relief with Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Fruit Curd, offered in sweet, all natural flavors like pawpaw, lingonberry and huckleberry…”
02/2014 (Read more!)


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Shelf Life: Crunchy, sweet and sour.
“Rich and indulgent, sweet and tart, The Scrumptious Pantry’s line of Heirloom Fruit Curds in huckleberry, lingonberry and pawpaw, are versatile additions to your collection of jams and preserves…” 02/13/2014 (Read more!)


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Pairing Cheese and Pickled Vegetables.
“The combination of Scrumptious Pantry’s pickled beets…” 04/22/2014 (Read more!)


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Serious eats Behind the Scenes at Co-Op Sauce : Awesome Sauce for a Good Cause.
“In April, they’ll have a sauce collaboration out with Scrumptious Pantry of Chicago and three sauces will be on Whole Foods shelves nationwide.”
02/19/2014 (Read more!)


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The Scrumptious Pantry : Reviving America’s Heirlooms!
“Greene plans to use that variety as an inspiration for her next steps. Whether it’s heirloom southern pecans, persimmons, wild grapes, or Texas Longhorn Cattle, she will continue to work on bringing incredible heirloom varieties back into the mainstream!…”
12/24/2013 (Read more!)


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8 Gourmet Gifts For The Holiday Hostess.
“If your hostess has an affinity for strange and unusual produce, slip a jar or two of this delightful spread into a gift basket with a loaf of fresh-baked bread, scones, or artisan bagels…”
12/04/2013 (Read more!)


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Recap: Tasting Table Chicago’s Open Market To Benefit Share Our Strength.
“Visitors were given the option of a variety of culinary delights that included fruit curds and preserves from The Scrumptious Pantry…” 12/16/2013 (Read more!)


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Christmas Cookies, Heirloom Fruit Curds, Gifts from Your Kitchen. Yum!
“The scrumptious pantry’s heirloom fruit curds are made by gathering wild fruits then blending them with organic valley butter, organic egg yolks and organic evaporated cane juice and lemon juice…” 12/02/13 (Read more!)


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Prelude to a Crash.
“Lee Greene, founder of Scrumptious Pantry, is traveling cross country spreading the word about her organic fruit curds and educating folks about the real meaning of heirloom along the way…”11/2013 (Read more!)


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Holiday gift ideas 2013.
“Shopping for a foodie friend who adores heirloom fruits and veggies? Pick up a jar or three from this Logan Square-based business focusing on packaged goodies made with heirloom produce…”
11/26/2013 (Read more!)


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Lingonberry Curd Cupcake with Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Fruit Curds.
“Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Fruit Curds are delicious and versatile…” 11/26/13 (Read more!)


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Curd is the Word.
“In proper Midwest fashion, Greene tamed the fruit in an onslaught of organic butter, sugar and eggs, transforming the fruit into a rich, unusual and supremely delicious curd.” 11/05/2013 (Read more!)


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Beaver dam pepper centennial celebration.
“The Beaver Dam Pepper Celebration has been created to introduce people to delicious flavor and complexity of this heirloom pepper. In addition, we want to share the pepper’s history and demonstrate the importance of preserving heirloom food traditions…” 09/16/2013 (Read more!)


Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 2.03.23
Org celebrates endangered Beaver Dam pepper.
“Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast held its first Beaver Dam pepper celebration last year at the urging of Lee Greene, the founder of Scrumptious Pantry, a Chicago company that uses heirloom vegetables in its products. She sells pickled Beaver Dam peppers, which she recommends in grilled cheese sandwiches…”
09/02/2013 (Read more!)



    190 NORTH_12/16/2012: Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Cooking Class

Clean Eating Awards-Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Savory Salt. 05/2013 (Read more!)


Super Seasoning. 
“there is one exception that I’ve bought again and again. It’s made by a company called the Scrumptious Pantry that’s based in Chicago, but sources its products from family farms in Italy…” 05/10/2013 (Read more!)


Bringing The Farm Right To The Grocery Store. 03/15/2011 – Check out this interview on our mission and products


Listen to this discussion about eating from farm to table, how to support small family farms and the vision behind The Scrumptious Pantry: aired live on Heritage Radio Network “The Main Dish”. Host Katy Keiffer interviews Lee Greene, Creator of The Scrumptious Pantry. 02/28/2010