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 Clean Eating Awards -Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom 

Savory Salt. 05/2013



Super Seasoning. 05/10/2013



 Personal Pasta. 12/2012



Trending Artisanal Ketchup & Mustard. 06/2012


Bringing The Farm Right To The Grocery Store. 03/15/2011 – Check out this interview on our mission and products 



Listen to this discussion about eating from farm to table, how to support small family farms and the vision behind The Scrumptious Pantry: aired live on Heritage Radio Network “The Main Dish”. Host Katy Keiffer interviews Lee Greene, Creator of The Scrumptious Pantry. 02/28/2010


“If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) is offered, you know that having a share ensures a fridge full of peak produce. Finally, there’s an equivalent for your cabinets.” Tasting Table, National Edition, 03/21/2011 (full article)


“An Heirloom Tomato Sauce that’s much more delicate and savory than the thick, corn syrup-laden ones common on store shelves…” Chicago Sun-Times, -03/18/2011 (full article)


“I enjoyed some of this (Cranberry) catsup with bacon, and it was very good, slightly sweet (though nowhere near as sugary as Heinz or Hunt’s), with a mild fruitiness.”, 03/14/2011 (full article)


“…I’ve never really found an acceptable tasting whole wheat pasta (…) Until now. … The Scrumptious Pantry pastas (…) put an end to the inedible whole grain pastas we’ve come to know (and hate). The wheat for this pasta is grown on a small farm called Il Cerreto in Pomerance Tuscany. The pasta is extruded through a bronze die and dried at low temperatures helping it with its extraordinary taste and texture.”, 09/17/2010 (full article)

…Across the board, other producers agree, saying biodynamic farming is more labor intensive, yields are generally smaller and they were not doing it for attention or the money. “Unfortunately, it’s often considered some weird sect dancing in the nude at full moon,” says Lee Greene, who imports biodynamic Volterra pasta and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany for her company, The Scrumptious Pantry. “In reality, all it is about is empowering nature to make its own choices, for the sake of more authentic taste.”” Specialty Food, March 2010


“Give your chemically corrupted taste buds a break (…) with green tomato jam, Charlie Trotter approved durum wheat pasta, and insanely aromatic roasting and grilling salt. It’s all out of this world.” Daily Candy, 01/12/2010 (full article)


Favorites from the Fancy Food Show: (…) Herbs, Oils and Spreads from The Scrumptious Pantry – bringing the farmers market to the retail store (…)”., 08/03/2010(full post)