At Scrumptious Pantry we craft foods that burst with real flavors. Made with only the best ingredients and no nasty additives, our condiments make it easy for you to kick your foods up a notch. Be it a our catsup to jazz up that take out burger or a drizzle of our hot sauce as the secret seasoning in your latest recipe creation– we take your taste buds on a culinary adventure.

Our secret weapons are the ingredients we use: fruit and vegetable varieties grown from pure, unadulterated seed stock. “Heirloom” varieties are grown from heirloom seeds that have been developed before 1945, before mass agriculture systems, and they are naturally non-GMO.

Have you ever wondered why tomatoes don’t taste good anymore, for example? The seeds have been bred to fit into the system of mass agriculture and large scale distribution. Tomatoes are picked green and have to ripen on a truck. They have to be firm, so they can easily be transported. They have to be uniformly shaped, so they can easily be packed and displayed. Food nowadays is grown for every reason, BUT for flavor. And that is where the downwards spiral starts. Because if you have tasteless raw materials, the solutions come in form of salt, sugar, flavoring and other additives.

Heirloom varieties on the other hand represent such a diversity and bounty of flavors – they do not need additives to taste good. Apples, peppers, cucumbers, berries – there are heirloom varieties out there for every fruit or vegetable imaginable.

We celebrate these flavors and showcase them. We partner with family farms (some of which are pictured on the left) that follow time-honored, sustainable practices to grow these precious varieties again. In the kitchen, we are fiercely protective of the varietals’ distinct personalities, so every bottle and every jar we make offers you a unique heirloom flavor to elevate your food and your cooking.

Pure. Authentic. Simple. Full of flavor.

At Scrumptious Pantry, we make food the way nature intended it to taste.