Cook’s Bison Ranch Meatballs w. Earthy Catsup

Wednesday, 18 June, 2014 By Hanbit
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We are very excited to be announcing our newest pairing of the week. We are thrilled to be working with Cook’s Bison Ranch to bring you this tasty pairing: Cook’s Bison Ranch Meatballs paired with our Tomato Catsup Earthy. Cook’s Bison Ranch is located in Wolcottville, Indiana. It is here that they naturally raise hormone free Bison so you can enjoy flavorful and healthy dishes such as the wonderful meatballs in our pairing of the week. You can read more about Cook’s Bison Ranch in our blog post here.

Does Bison meat sound unusual to you? You might be surprised to find that consumers find it to have a clean flavor that is not “gamey” and requires very few additional spices. You’ll also be happy to hear that Bison is in fact healthier than traditional choice beef. Bison meat has about half the calories, one ninth the fat and more iron and vitamin B-12 than traditional choice beef. What’s not to love? It’s no wonder that Bison is included in Slow Foods Ark of Taste.

The American Bison was once the main source of protein for Native American tribes. You can read the story of the American Bison here. Native Americans would have Bison along with foraged persimmon and paw paw their diet staples. You can find each of these Heirloom fruits in Scrumptious Pantry’s Heirloom product line.

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For this recipe, we’ve paired the flavorful ground Bison from Cook’s Bison Ranch with our Earthy Catsup. Our catsup is flavored with rosemary and juniper and we think it pairs absolutely wonderfully with the Bison – so we are putting it INTO the meatballs as a seasoning. By tasting Cook’s Bison Meat you are tasting a piece of our heritage that was nearly left behind many years ago. Enjoy the flavorful meat of an animal that fed and sustained Native American tribes for centuries – come take a trip to old world America to experience gourmet flavors that were once a delicious part of every day life.

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4 tbsp. Scrumptious Pantry Tomato Catsup “Earthy” (on sale as our DEAL OF THE WEEK till 02/02/2015)
1 lb ground Cook’s Bison Ranch Bison
6 tbsp. red onion, chopped
¼ cup carrot top, finely chopped
1 tbsp. capers, finely chopped
Salt to taste
Corn flour as needed
EV Olive Oil

Bison meat balls uncooked hi res scrumptious pantry gourmet heirloom artisan food Method:
(1) Mix all ingredients together and add salt to taste
(2) Depending on how wet the mixture is, add corn flour (not more than 3 Tbsp for this recipe)
(3) In a heavy pan, heat EVOO. Form small meatballs (2-bite size) and put into the hot pan. Cook for 3 min on every side.

Makes delicious appetizers or fingerfood, for a picnic or brown bag lunch.
Or serve with a classic red sauce over pasta, rice or polenta.

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  1. Cooks Bison meat is amazing! Its a great place to take the family and visit, Be sure to try their Bison chili.

    1. They sure do a great job! We love their meat and what they are doing to bring back the Great American Bison.

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