SALE – Pasta sampler (6 x 2 bags)

Description: Carlo’s Pasta is made of Semolato of Durum Wheat and Farro Wheat, respectively. It includes about 90% of the grain (compared to 60-70% in regular Semolina pasta), keeping the good things in the pasta: bran (fibers), germ (antioxidants, vitamin E and B, minerals, proteins), the outer layer of the endosperm (proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes). It is easier to digest than pasta made of Semolina, contains more nutrients and the delicate taste (compared to 100% whole wheat pasta) supports all sauces and pestos.

The stone ground Semolato is transformed into a delicious pasta in collaboration with the finest artisan pastificios. The pasta is extruded through a bronze die and dried at low temperatures. This ensures that the surface is rougher than industrial pastas (which are speed dried over teflon) – the sauce can better embrace the pasta for that perfect bite!

You will find six pasta shapes in The Scrumptious Pantry

Durum Wheat

Rigatoni: perfect for meat sauces

Farfalle (bow tie): perfect for light tomato sauces and cream sauces; also great for pasta salads

Conchiglie (shell): the choice of chunky vegetable sauces, cream sauce w. peas and for baked pasta dishes

Pipe: preferred shape for thick sauces that can nestle in the wide opening of the pasta. Also very good for baked pasta recipes.


Farro Wheat (an ancient heirloom grain with a nutty flavor, you can read more here)

Casarecce: great for salads and pesto type sauces

Penne Rigate: a favorite for liquid sauces and baked pasta dishes


Volume/Size: 12x 1.1lb (2 bags each)

Price: $83.88
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