Heirloom Club – 3 mths

One installment of our Heirloom Club runs for three months. Every month, you will receive one of our delicious heirloom food products delivered to your doorstep, explaining the product, its story, introducing you to the farmers behind it and sharing recipes. We will ensure that products are not doubled within the three month period - we will also select the products based on seasonality.

The perfect gift for the food lover in your life! All orders send to addresses that differ from the billing address will include a handwritten note identifying the sender of the gift.


Month 1: Heirloom Savory Salt "Herbal"

Month 2: Farro Pasta & Durum Wheat Pasta

Month 3: Heirloom Pickles Beaver Dam Peppers

As a member of our Heirloom Club, you will also receive special discounts and promotions.

Shipping included, add $10 additional shipping for Hawaii and Alaska

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