Heirloom Club – 6 mths

Two installments of our Heirloom Club for the total duration of six months. Every month, you will receive one of our heirloom food products, complete with a presentation of the product, an introduction to the farmer, the product's story and recipes. Every installment will include one of our single estate Extra Virgin Olive Oils or the Balsamic Dressing Sauce, so with two installments you will be receiving both. We will also select the products based on seasonality.


Month 1: Heirloom Savory Salt "Herbal"

Month 2: Farro Pasta & Durum Wheat Pasta

Month 3: Heirloom Pickles

As a member of our Heirloom Club, you will also receive special offers and promotions.


Shipping included, add $20 additional shipping for Hawaii and Alaska

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