Heirloom Pickles Beaver Dam Pepper

Scrumptious Pantry Beaver Dam Pepper_low res internetThe Beaver Dam Pepper is an heirloom variety introduced to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, by an Hungarian immigrant around 1913. It has a great mildly spicy taste profile, which we accentuate with a brine of old world spices, using one of the classic Midwestern preserving techniques – pickling.

As the Beaver Dam Pepper is difficult to cultivate, it got abandoned with the advancement of hybrid varieties, landing it a spot on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. In this directory Slow Food, a non-for profit promoting good, clean & fair food, lists heirloom varieties that are on the brink of extinction.

Luckily we have found two dedicated farmers – John at Stone Circle Farm in Reeseville, Wisconsin, and Nicole at Good Earth Farms in Oakfield, Wisconsin – to grow the Beaver Dam Pepper for us. A process in which we are making baby steps from growing season to growing season, learning more about this precious pepper and how to cultivate it best.

The pickled Beaver Dam Pepper is delicious on a cheeseboard, with charcuterie or as a side to slow cooked beans and pulled pork. Or use it to top off polenta cakes - the perfect finger food or appetizer!

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Recipe Suggestion: Our pickled Beaver Dam Pepper is super versatile for many tasty appetizers and snacks - and in a bloody mary!

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