Roasted Veggie Burger w. Beaver Dam Pepper & Whiskey Cheese Sauce

Tuesday, 9 June, 2015 By Lee Greene
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The best part of running this food start-up is meeting so many other great tastemakers out there, going the extra mile to make delicious, healthy food that is rooted in the deep belief that food should be about showcasing great ingredients and making them shine. Just the best ingredients and craftsmanship. Making food for enjoyment, building flavor from within – not via additives and unpronounceable ingredients.

One of these fellow good food entrepreneurs we love dearly are the folks at Beehive Cheese from Utah (more about them here). They make the most amazing cheeses and we’re pumped that we got an exclusive preview of their “Fully Loaded” Cheese to develop some tasty recipes that showcase this great cheese paired with our Heirloom Pickles. So far it is only released in limited quantities to selected companies, but they it is now starting to roll out to more retailers – if you live in the Midwest make sure to check out your local Whole Foods from June 19-21. The Fully Loaded will be available as a Father’s Day Special! And once the holiday season comes, it will also be available in Beehive’s online store.

Fully Loaded is an Irish-style cheddar that has been fortified with local Utah whiskey. The whiskey imparts complex bold and spicy notes and is an excellent companion to the sweet creaminess of our Irish-style cheddar. Beehive Cheese uses Double-Rye Whiskey which is produced in Park City by award-winning High West Whiskey distillery.

One very tasty way we have been using this tasty cheese is on a roasted veggie burger. It’s grilling season, so why not grill a bunch of fresh veggies, pile them on a pretzel bun and add some cheese sauce with a kick to it!? The pickled Beaver Dam Pepper has a late heat, which is a great contrast to the rich, creamy cheese – but it kicks in late enough for you to enjoy the goodness that is Fully Loaded as a first taste sensation! It’s a great flavor pairing.

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1 pretzel bun

1 portobello mushroom cap

6 cherry tomatoes

3 spring onions


For the cheese sauce:

1 oz Beehive Fully Loaded

1/8 cup brine of Scrumptious Pantry Pickled Beaver Dam Peppers 

1/4 oz Scrumptious Pantry Pickled Beaver Dam Peppers, finely minced



(1) Grill veggies or roast them in a pan with a little EV olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt (2) For the cheese sauce, mix cheese and brine together in a small sauce pan and let cheese melt over low heat. Add the minced pickled pepper and mix well. (3) Toast pretzel bun. (4) Layer roasted tomatoes, portobello, spring onions in the sandwich,  spoon the cheese sauce over it. Enjoy!

Can be made paleo or gluten free by using romaine lettuce instead of the pretzel bun.


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