Tres Pupusas – it all started with a potluck

Tuesday, 18 November, 2014 By Lee Greene
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Celebrating International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we’re excited to introduce you to Cindy English and her company – Tres Latin Foods. Cindy is a fellow Whole Foods Local Producer Loan Program recipient and we are very happy to be working together in the occasion of store samplings and events, pairing her tasty pupusas and our heirloom hot sauces.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Tres Pupusas sells frozen, gluten-free pupusas (a stuffed corn tortilla) made with non-GMO corn flour.

Cindy started Tres Pupusas back in 2008 she tasted a homemade pupusa at a potluck at her childrens’ school and instantly fell in love with this tasty product. She started selling her artisan pupusas at the Farmer’s Market, quickly becoming a must have. In 2010 the product was picked up locally by Whole Foods and has since grown to national distribution.

Getting consumers to taste a pupusa for the first time was the key to successful sales, so Cindy and her team worked several Farmer’s Markets in Colorado. The pupusas would not only be served frozen at the market, but Cindy and her three El Salvadorian employees prepare a full meal, with additions of scrambled eggs, salsa, the traditional slaw curtido or guacamole.

In 2011, Cindy opened a lunch window in her production kitchen, so that her fans could get their pupusa fix also on days the market was off. She and her team love interacting with customers and feeding people, so with all the passion for the business and quality ingredients (her pupusas are from non-GMO corn masa and free of any gluten ingredients) grew the well earned success.

Sind 2013 she is now cooperating with a manufacturing facility in Denver, which allows her to meet the growing demand for her products. By the end of 2014, you will be able to find Tres Latin Pupusas in 700 stores.

Here is to many more tasty Tres Latin Pupusas slathered in tasty Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Hot Sauce!

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