Thanksgiving Leftover Brunch – A recipe collection

Thursday, 13 November, 2014 By Lee Greene
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Thanksgiving is just a wonderful tradition, when everyone comes together and we just all spend quality time with each other. Maybe you bring out the family heirloom dishware? And the food! Maybe it included a pastured turkey and some crusty artisan bread. In any case, it is delicious, cause it is enjoyed in good company.

Then comes the next day and with it the brutal awakening: leftovers. And there is only so many repeats one can do of turkey with all the trimmings, no matter how gourmet the initial meal was. And throwing the remains of a lovingly home cooked meal into the trash breaks my heart.

So we set out to put together easy recipes (after all you just cooked your heart out before TG day, no need to repeat!) that give a new twist to your Turkey Day leftovers and create the perfect setting for a relaxed holiday brunch with friends.

Of course, as we are working with leftovers, please taste your way through our suggestions. Our recipes work with most of the standard trimmings for a classic Thanksgiving meal, but you want to make sure the flavor combos work with your  leftovers!

> Roasted Squash & Coconut Coriander Soup

> Mini Turkey Sliders w. Chiltepin Pepper Cranberry Sauce

> Turkey Crumpet w. Chiltepin Cranberry Sauce

> Potato & Parsnip stuffed Bacon Cups

> CranBrie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Beaver Dam Pepper dressed Collards & Kale (not technically a leftover, but you need some greens with all those indulgent bites!)

And of course, no brunch would be complete without a Bloody Mary! Find the recipe for our tasty Beaver Dam Pepper Bloody Mary here.

PS we got asked about how to best use the carcass of the bird, stay tuned from some ideas on how to use turkey stock for other dishes than turkey soup!



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