The answer is simple: Taste. Heirloom fruit and vegetables have amazing flavors: flavors unique to certain places or regions, flavors that evoke the stories of these places and their people. Flavors of times past when food still tasted the way our grandparents remember.

We have a right to these special, wonderful flavors. Why don’t tomatoes taste good anymore? Because decades of modern industrial agriculture have reduced their diversity and created new varietals with watered down flavor intensity. The result is food without personality. Flavor has been sacrificed to economy of production. And that holds true for all fruits and vegetables. Why do we have to eat flavorless food, if we can enjoy heirloom flavors?

Varieties grown from heirloom seeds burst with flavor, they often have unique shapes and gorgeous colors. These heirlooms continue to tell the stories of the places that produced them, and of times when taste was still a value in itself. And the wonderful world of heirlooms is not limited to heirloom tomatoes – there are heirloom peppers, heirloom apples (sometimes also called heritage apples), heirloom beets… There are heirloom seeds for every fruit or vegetable you can imagine. They might not be grown on commercial scale – some of them barely survived through home gardeners and families passing down the seeds through generations – but they still exist and we are honored to work with a network of seed savers and family farms to bring those varieties back to life and showcase them in our products.

We capture these real flavors in delicious condiments and preserves, all ready for you to rediscover and enjoy. Using pure recipes, our food highlights the distinct flavor of each heirloom variety.

Pure Flavors, Clean Food

Preserving ancient flavors means keeping food clean. Heirloom fruit and vegetables are clean food by definition. They are old varieties that have never entered industrial food production, never undergone hybridization or genetic modification. In short: they’re as non-GMO as it gets!

Obviously, in today’s food world dominated by industrial farming, heirlooms are the underdogs. But with food intolerances and other food-related health issues on the rise, they open up a cornucopia of alternatives to industrially cultivated foods. They are often richer in nutrients than their hybridized relatives. And ancient heirlooms still grow in harmony with nature – and that means: good for you.

Revival Project

The Heirloom Revival Project

At the Scrumptious Pantry, we pledge to use heirloom varietals exclusively in all our products by 2018. This is our continuing, long-term contribution to the preservation of historic vegetable and fruit varieties and to a world rich in biodiversity. We call it the Heirloom Revival Project – Growing the future from the treasures of the past!

Please check the Q&A below for more detailed info on our heirloom focus and our mission and email lee(at)scrumptiouspantry(dot) com or call (301) 979-9751 with any questions.

Thank you for your support,
Lee Greene, Founder