Benefits of seasonings

Health Benefits of Seasonings

Why would you invest in routine medication if you can improve your health from what you eat? Spices have many health benefits that can help you stay in top shape by just enjoying your best meal. Do you want to find out how? Here are five spices you should add to your recipe to improve your health;


Cinnamon is a popular spice derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree. This spice is excellent for anyone with blood sugar issues. Use cinnamon if you are suffering from high blood sugar, and you will be surprised by the outcome.
Cinnamon adds sweetness to food without using sugar and is therefore used to lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. 
Cooking tip: sprinkle cinnamon on stews, meat rub, yogurt, or hot cereal.


Turmeric is most prevalent in Indian curry dishes. This spice is essential in reducing inflammation.
Cooking tip: rub turmeric on cooked food or sprinkle it in your foods.


Ginger has been used for decades to treat stomach upsets and nausea in Asian traditions. Ginger is nowadays used in almost every food or beverage. It can be in the form of dried powder or bought fresh.
Cooking tip: add ginger to stir-fry recipes, smoothies, or tea. You can also add ginger to baked food or salad.
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